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Call for Editors

Applications Must Be Completed In Full By Midnight EST October 2nd, 2016

The RLR is looking to substantially increase the size of our editorial team. The Editorial Committee and its members screen prospective articles, distribute manuscripts to peer reviewers, facilitate revisions from authors, and ultimately select which articles will reach final publication. The editorial team is committed to international and interdisciplinary diversity amongst its members. In its current form our editors are J.D. candidates on law reviews, DPhil candidates, rising seniors, and Masters students in disciplines from law, religious studies, international relations, and political science. We welcome early scholars with editorial and publication experience to apply for the Editorial Committee. Please see our FAQs, Guidelines, and Application below! 

Editor FAQs

  • What are my responsibilities as an Editor for the RLR?
    • Your primary responsibilities include screening articles for publication, appropriately distributing them to peer reviewers for comment, facilitating revisions with authors, and deciding final content for publication. 
  • What kind of time commitment would this require? 
    • We ask that each Editor commit to one volume of the RLR. This would entail assisting with screening, distribution, revisions, and publication for one year. The Editorial Committee will be required to meet all together once a month. On an individual basis an editor might expect to spend 2 hours a week on screening, distribution, and assisting with revisions. As the publication date approaches more involvement will be required to produce our final tri-annual review. 
  • Will I be able to produce any content with the RLR?
    • Yes! For any RLR Editor or Peer Reviewer there will be opportunities to produce academic blog posts, book reviews, and more exclusive content for our staff. 
  • What does it mean to be an "early scholar"?
    • Our Editorial Committee originally preferred the like approach of Justice Stewart:"I know it when I see it." Generally we will accept applications from rising seniors, any current graduate students, law students, and individuals who have graduated within the last two years. If concerned about this requirement email the Editorial Committee.

Application Guidelines

To apply for an Editor position please fill out the form below. In particular, the application is looking to gauge your background, research interests, and experience as it might relate to the editorial position. For the Background and Research section of the application please detail your expertise, research, and academic interests as they relate to religion & law. We welcome and encourage applications from a broad range of disciplines. For the Editorial and Publication section of the application please detail salient publications, conferences, professional experiences, and roles editing or facilitating academic scholarship. If you would like to include any other information or questions the committee might find relevant please do so in the Supplemental section. All Editor Applications have the option of serving as a dual application to be a Peer Reviewer. If we cannot offer an editorial position at this time but you would like to be considered as a Peer Reviewer please check the box in the form.  

Applications Must Be Completed In Full By Midnight (EST) October 2nd, 2016

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