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  The "Religion Debate" at the Oxford Union                            (2016)

 The "Religion Debate" at the Oxford Union                            (2016)

Editor-In-Chief: Gabe Rusk completed his masters degree in religious studies at the University of Oxford in 2016. His dissertation explored religious pluralism and the history of the Religion Clauses in the United States. In the last few years Gabe has had papers accepted to the Law and Religion Conference in Cardiff, the British Sociology of Religion Conference, the American Academy of Religion Mountain West Conference, the Northern New England Philosophical Association Conference, the Oxford International Relations Society Journal, and Columbia University's Philosophy Magazine Gadfly. 




Editor: Bryan Kelley graduated from the University of Manchester with an MA (Distinction) in Religion and Political Life in 2015. He had previously received a BA cum laude at Colorado College in 2011, where he double majored in political science and religion. His research interests include studying how and why governments legally define religion in particular ways; the effects of inclusion and exclusion from such a designation, particularly for new religious movements and religious minorities; and interactions between governments and religious groups more broadly. Bryan has also spent three years working in bipartisan public policy research with organizations in Denver, Colorado and Washington, DC. He is currently working on applications to pursue these studies at the PhD level, and serves as editor of the Impolite Conversations podcast, which analyzes various intersections of religion and politics. Bryan can be found on Twitter @bryankelleybpk or contacted at bryanpatrickkelley@gmail.com.

Editor and Head of Undergraduate Relations: Martin Naunov is a senior at Middlebury College, majoring in Political Science. He is a research assistant to Professor Matthew Dickinson, conducting qualitative and quantitative research of legislative and executive policies and elections. His senior thesis explores the tension between the Constitution’s guarantee of religious liberty and the right to equal protection of homosexuals. In the last few year, Martin has served as a research assistant at different organizations including Transparency International, USAID, Addison County State’s Attorney’s Office, the United Macedonian Diaspora, and the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.


Editor: Christos Orfanidis earned his bachelor’s degree from the School of Theology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. He is now a Graduate Student in Ethics, Sociology and the Study of Religion at the same institution. He has a special interest in the development and application of interdisciplinary methodologies, combining theories and techniques from multiple fields, in order to study topics arising from the interaction of religion, culture and society. He is the co-organizer of various international conferences with a particular focus on the promotion of transdisciplinary collaboration.



Editor: Vincenzo Pacillo Associate Professor at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia


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Peer Review Committee:

More than a dozen PhD, D.Phil, B.Phil, Masters, J.D., rising seniors, and international law students have already joined the RLR peer review board in a diversity of disciplines such as philosophy, constitutional law, political science, human rights law, gender studies, Islamic law, civil rights, international relations, jurisprudence, and religious studies. The formal application for the remaining peer reviewer positions is open for rolling admissions as needed. Click here to apply.

Haroon Bashir M.St. Study of Religion (Oxford), 2016 & D.Phil Candidate at University of Leeds

C'Zar Bernstein University of Oxford, BPhil Philosophy 2016

David Browne  University of Exeter; BA(Hons) Jurisprudence (Oxon), 2015

Barry Bussey Leiden University, PhD (law), anticipated in 2017

Sam Cadd University of Oxford, BA (Jurisprudence), 2018

Allie Hearne University College London, PhD Laws

Cameron Hickert Tsinghua University, Master's in Global Affairs, July 2017

Anna Lukina University of Oxford, BA Law (Jurisprudence) Candidate, 2018

Elliot Mamet Duke University, PhD, 2021

Donny McClellan University of Denver, MA (religious studies), 2014; Washburn University School of Law, J.D., May 2017

Thiago Alves Pinto Centro Universitário Curitiba (Brazil)LLB, Master's Degree in International Human Rights Law Abo Akademi University (Finland), DPhil Candidate in Law University of Oxford

Leor Sapir Boston College, PhD (2018, expected)

Matt Stinson Pepperdine University School of Law J.D./M.Div Candidiate 2020

Srishti Suresh Law, University of Oxford, 2017

Emma Thompson Whitman College, B.A. in Religious Studies, 2016

Tiffany Wilk B.A. University of Denver 2015, Interim Assistant Director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the Korbel of International Relations